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To huge audience acclaim students from Stagecoach schools throughout the UK, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Malta and the USA joined together for a dazzling production of the classic American musical 'West Side Story' at the Leatherhead Theatre in Surrey.

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Stagecoach Ireland is part of the largest international network of part-time performing arts schools. For three hours each week (90 mins for 4-6 years) kids learn the skills of singing, dancing and acting.

Grounding in all three of these disciplines encourages confidence, concentration and self-awareness which are so important during developmental stages.

Enrolling in Stagecoach Ireland is not just about being on the stage. The training develops essential life skills that will serve children well into their adulthood, all while having lots of fun!

Stagecoach Ireland can help children of ALL abilities discover a love for the arts.

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Quality Training in a Safe Environment

Stagecoach Theatre Arts has an extensive network of schools around the world with over 600 schools in the UK and Ireland alone. Established 25 years ago, Stagecoach was the original concept that enabled children to take part in singing lessons, dance classes and drama classes, all under one roof and in one three-hour session. If your child is interested in experiencing the benefits of dancing, performing, singing or acting, we are here every week during term time to nurture their talent and help them realise their potential and achieve excellence.

Stagecoach Ireland is so much more than a run of the mill 'dance school'. We are a fully-fledged performing arts school covering every discipline in the performing arts repertoire. At the very reasonable cost of approx €12 per hour, we cover singing, dancing and acting at one location (saving you the inconvenience of further driving and increased costs). Performances, medals, reports, regular feedback, exams, a bi-monthly magazine, etc. are all included.

Stagecoach Ireland splits student’s time equally between signing classes and drama classes. Children can expect to learn a wide range of styles incorporating everything from jazz and hip hop through to modern and contemporary (we do not focus on ballet or tap though). As a school of performing arts for children, singing lessons, acting lessons and dancing classes all work together holistically to mould balanced and well-rounded future performers.

Musical theatre plays a tremendous part in developing confidence and performing on stage. The quality of tutelage given ensures all students develop this particular skill, regardless of their initial vocal ability. Students will sing solo pieces as well as in an ensemble, once again developing a full vocal skill set. Technique is incredibly important and a lot of time will be spent perfecting this discipline. Pop songs and musical theatre songs form the fundamental course work from which these techniques are taught. Once again, this allows the kids to have a lot of fun singing songs they know (and making homework seem less boring!)

Stagecoach Ireland's drama classes cover a wide range of styles and techniques. These include: improvisation; voice projection; mime; role-playing; characterisation; etc. Drama schools often seek out this variety of expertise when students are auditioning for professional training.

In the 25 years we have been running, we have seen numerous prodigies come through our ranks. That's why Stagecoach Ireland has a relationship with a professional representation agency that often offers Stagecoach students professional work. Their dance lessons, singing lessons and acting lessons are a vital part of their preparation towards gaining work in performing arts for children if that is the path they choose. Stagecoach is always sensitive to children of all abilities and we never try and push children down this professional path. We know that there are many who just wish to learn performing arts to just have fun and meet new friends.

Quality control is an important issue and one that Stagecoach Ireland takes very seriously. Every single Stagecoach school is inspected on an annual basis by Head Office and these spot checks are extremely important for continuity and maintaining quality. Finally, all our Principals and teachers have also been fully vetted and checked against the criminal database. This is by the Garda and we follow a strict Child Protection Policy. This policy is unique to us as it was commissioned and specially developed for Stagecoach Schools.

Stagecoach Ireland can cater for all age groups. We have a younger class for children aged 4-6 which are proving extremely popular. Regardless of whether your child is more interested in dance classes, singing classes or drama lessons - you would be hard-pressed to find a better organisation than Stagecoach Ireland. You can be certain of your child's safety and also enjoy the knowledge they are benefiting from a world class education in performing arts for children. Unlike TV shows such as The X Factor, Stagecoach Ireland are honest and realistic in setting expectations for our students. Many have gone on to achieve professional show business careers (including Jamie Bell, Emma Watson, Cher Lloyd, etc). We would love to welcome your child to our organisation so please do get in contact and find out where your closest school is...